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Aureana Winter-ready Skin Care Routine

Aureana Winter-ready Skin Care Routine

Winter is coming! And along with the much-awaited end of the year comes worries of dry skin! Yep, you read that right! As much as we love sweater weather, it is not really the ideal temperature for your skin. But then again, has it ever been that we’ve left our lovely ladies with skincare problems to deal with? Come winter...come snow (okay. Maybe not), we always have solutions up the sleeves of our sweaters!


A lot of us worry about dead skin cells accumulating on our face. “What if the dirt has gone inside my skin?”  “What if my facewash has not cleaned my skin properly?” 

These are some common questions we all have. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back! We bring you the Aureana Essential Face Scrub . Infused with Witch Hazel extract and lavender oil, fights skin irritation, gets rid of nasty dirt and scrubs those dead cells off of your face! Believe us when we say this, it works like magic! Not to forget, it also smells divine! All you have to do is wet your face with water and apply the scrub. Continue to massage your face in a circular motion for about 2 mins. For best results, follow this procedure twice a week. 

Well, we are not done yet. The scrub can be used only twice a week, but we can hear you saying, what about every day?


Moisturized and glowing skin every morning? Yes, it’s possible even in winter when you have Aureana’s Luminos Brightening Face Wash ! It has natural AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) that exfoliate and brighten the skin leaving it as fresh as ever! Take a small portion of the Aureana Luminos Brightening face wash, apply it gently, and wash it off. While scrubbing is required twice a week, a face wash is required twice a day. Wash it off and pat dry. Once your face is clean and dry, take an adequate amount of Luminos Brightening Serum and apply it on your face. Massage it till it’s fully absorbed by your skin (We bet it won’t take more than a few seconds). This will protect your skin from redness, inflammation, and also, UVB rays.


You are on your way to work and you suddenly feel that your face has turned dry? Well, we all have such moments, don’t we? We have got you covered with Aureana Luminos Day Cream . A cream that helps you get brightening and glowing skin ALL DAY LONG! Not only that, but it also reduces melanin synthesis, tones your skin evenly and leaves you with a radiant complexion.

Well, are you someone who did not fit into this category? Maybe all you are looking for is a rewind button for your skin and (Ahem Ahem. age?) We have got your back!

And don’t worry, it will be our little secret!


Let’s rewind to those days when you could just be free and not worry about anything. We are sure that you can live exactly like that once again...okay at least your skin can!

All you have to do is try Aureana’s complete range of Rewind skin care. Start off by using our extraordinary serum, Rewind Anti-Ageing Serum that contains Collagen and Elastin to make your skin look radiant, and wait for it...youthful! And we’re sure that you wouldn’t mind treating your skin to some extra KOKUM butter too! In fact, the serum is also a secret eraser that vanishes all your dark circles, wrinkles and dark spots. That’s not all… it does much more. 

Less talking, more doing, ladies! Try it out and we’re sure, it won’t disappoint you!

While incorporating a serum in your skincare routine is great, pairing it up with a cream is better. We highly recommend you to try out a face cream from the same range that will give your skin the care it deserves. Aureana Rewind Anti-Ageing Day Cream will give you a feeling that will transport you to your youthful days. It also tightens the skin, balances water levels, and of course, rewinds the clock as effortlessly as ever! 

While following a skincare routine based on your skin type and age is a must, here are some tips to treat your skin with some extra TLC.

- Stay hydrated by drinking many or rather too many glasses of lukewarm water.

- If you’ve wondered how skin glows from within, the answer literally lies within. Eat right and feel right.

- Don’t forget to get your beauty sleep, ladies! Complementing your skincare routine with a good eight hours sleep is a must!

Find a product and a routine that works for you and have a snuggly-good time!