What Should You Look for in a Brightening Day Cream?
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What Should You Look for in a Brightening Day Cream?

What Should You Look for in a Brightening Day Cream?

Skin brightening creams are taking a backseat because cleanse, tone and moisturize is all the rage these days. But let’s be honest here. If your skincare routine only involves a three step CTM bundle, well there’s clearly something you’re missing and i.e a brightening face cream. Because like it or not, skincare is major work.

And when we say work, it’s something that you have to never stop doing. After all, glowing and healthy skin is a lifestyle, not a destination. And to keep up to that, make sure that you have brightening day cream with you at all times.

So the question that really matters is that what ideally makes up the best skin brightening cream? Is it a vitamin c cream for skin whitening or is it a clearing dark spot cream? Well, we say why settle for just one amazing benefit when you can get them both and much more with Aureana’s Luminos Brightening Day Cream

Whitening or Brightening? Let’s solve the debate on day creams. 

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to attain a lighter complexion, whitening isn’t always the answer. You’re born with beautiful skin and nobody should make you feel any lesser for that. So when it comes to choosing the best cream for face whitening, let’s change our approach to the best skin brightening cream and get ourselves a glowing skin partner that is handy.

Because even with the best claims in the world, a cream cannot unnaturally whiten your skin but with Aureana’s Luminos Brightening Day Cream you can certainly and naturally brighten your skin to reveal that youthful and radiant glow.

But let’s not make ‘whitening’ or ‘the best cream for face whitening’ the villain here. While the term isn’t all that great, some whitening ingredients can definitely work wonders for your skin So to put it simply, when it comes to looking for the best skin brightening cream, look for one with whitening ingredients.

Nano White - The Bright Skin Specialist You Need

Irrespective of your skin tone, even the best skin whitening cream in the world is incomplete without this miracle ingredient i.e. Nano White! A powerful preparation that combines whitening ingredients and regulates the pigmentation process on the skin. Engineered after much thought, care and consideration, Nano White in our Luminos Brightening Day Cream makes one of our top selling best cream for face whitening. And when you wish to buy this wonderful nano white day cream, head over to our website and it to your cart! Indeed, your one-stop solution for glowing skin all day, everyday! Just pop it in your travel kit to never miss out on another day of applying this amazing skin brightening cream even when you’re on the go!

The Goodness Of Natural Ingredients For Your Skin

While Nano White as an ingredient takes away the limelight for sure, let’s talk about the underrated but deeply nourishing ingredients in the Luminos Brightening Day Cream. This skin brightening cream is infused with ample antioxidants that not only nourish your skin but help you get rid of those nasty unwanted particles from your face.

While we’re all well aware of the innumerable benefits of nature’s favourite herb, Aloe Vera, we’re happy to tell you that even our brightening face cream contains its goodness. Aloe Vera juice inside the Luminos Brightening Day Cream nourishes the ever so gentle skin on the face.

And the best part? It helps you unlock the smoother, healthier and more radiant glow that was always hiding behind dust and dirt. Not to forget that Aloe Vera as an ingredient in this skin brightening cream is great for those with especially dry and very dry skin because of its nourishing properties. Trying to maintain that glow in the summer? Let the wonders of Aloe Vera give you a beautiful glow alongside helping you cool your skin from the unwanted heat.

Best Cream For Face Whitening & Brightening!

Looking back at your summer vacation pictures and wondering where that glam-in-sun glow disappeared? Just like your fitness and healthy eating habits, you need to consistently follow a good skincare routine to not only achieve that everlasting glow but also maintain it. And a nano white day cream can be your best friend in that department.

The Aureana Luminos Day Cream is infused with Nano White particles and Aloe Vera juice that most certainly help with effective skin brightening and glow-inducing results. Combine this best skin brightening cream with its equally amazing counterparts that are Luminos Brightening Serum and Luminos Brightening Face Wash for radiance on a regular basis.

So the next time you’re stocking up on your skincare essentials, don’t forget to add this brightening face cream to your routine and unlock the real glow of your skin! For shopping for the best cream for face whitening, head over to our website.

Luminos Brightening Day Cream - The Glow Booster You Need

How many times have you looked down upon yourself after seeing women post pictures with flawless skin on social media? Well, to be honest, we’ve lost count too. While there’s nothing wrong about using the occasional filter or two to be able to look that great but deep down, we all know how much you hate using a filter over showing off the real you. So don’t let photoshopped beauties make you feel anything less! We love the real you and it is for this real side of you that we present to you one of the best skin brightening creams which is Luminos Brightening Day Cream. Regularly using this nano white day cream will reduce melanin synthesis and give you an even tone. It’s antioxidant-filled properties will also lighten existing dark spots and help you achieve the spotless glow that you always desired.