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Best Eye Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Pop

Best Eye Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Pop

If the eyes are the window to the soul, we certainly like to choose beautiful drapes to accent the view. Bold, beautiful eye makeup can take a simple and sophisticated look and make it stand out by accenting your best features with colors and techniques tailored to your personal style and complexion. But in our mind, we’re constantly bombarded with questions like ‘how to apply eyeliner’, ‘how to apply liquid eyeliner’, more so ‘how to apply eye makeup’! Now leave your worriesaside. From liquid eye liner tips to slaying the eye make up entirely, we’ve curated a list of tips helpful for you.

We love makeup that brings eyes front and center and celebrates their beauty. So let's start with some great techniques that can improve your overall eye look.

Primed And Ready

If you're using the same primer on your lids as you do on your face, you might be noticing that your shadow is smudging and smearing. This is because most face primers aren't tailored to the skin condition of the eyelid. Instead, stick to a white base on your eyelids. Not only will the base help to keep your makeup in place, it works twofold. By acting as a color corrector, your shadows will have a surface to cling to that has diminished tone, allowing their best color payoff to come through. Revisit those shades that looked bolder in the palette, because a white base primer will change the way you wear eye shadow.

Color Your World

Neutrals are nice, and they're a good way to delicately play up your best features, but a pop of color is a great way to get noticed. With sophisticated style taking a turn toward wild ombre color dips, neon pinks and blues don't have to stay in the club any more. Your favorite party shades can finally come out to play during the day. Here's how to rock a beautiful cut crease peacock look:

  • Start with the white base wet alked about before,and lightly brush your brow bone with a white or light beige shadow.
  • Take a smaller detail brush and draw a bold line across the top crease of your lid with a dark blue shade,you can count on the new Auric Intensiv Kajal Mid night Blue for this.
  • Gently blend the line up and outward with a small blending brush.Use another small brush to carefully fill in your lid with a vivid turquoise eye shadow.
  • Finish the look with some velvety matte black Auric Brush Tip liquid eyeliner , mind you the best eyeliner in India.

Bat Those Lashes

We firmly believe that long lashes add life to any eye look and make it pop ever so much more. The varied lengths draw attention to your vivid eyes and make you look spectacular. If you've never used false lashes before and are worried about whether or not you can put them on yourself correctly, don't worry! The lashes come with an easy to use lash glue tube that can put even the greenest novice at ease. Step two is a generous application of the Auric Everyday Mascara, one of the best eye makeup products there is. The smooth mascara will rid you of lumps and add life to your lashes. Whenever you get the age-old question of ‘how to do eye makeup’, turn to Auric’s Everyday Mascara first.

Raise Your Brows

Full, dark eyebrows are all the rage. It's hard to miss the return of the iconic look, as it's all over Instagram, and on every magazine, tv show and website out there! This is an easy trend to cash in on that truly gives your eyes the bold appearance you desire. Though many would tell you to reach for an expensive product, there are a ton of brow makeup products to choose from in a variety of price ranges that will allow you to get a full, groomed look.

First, make sure your brows are properly groomed by trimming and tweezing where necessary.

Next, if you need more control, you can add a bit of wax before applying powder, or use a two-in-one product that doubles as a wax. If not that, you can resort to a dash of kajal or eyeliner too. And with Auric offering the best eyeliner in the market, it’s easier to get your hands on them!

Experiment with carefully filling in your brows with an angled brow brush. You'll know when you've found the right color to bring your look together - try matching your hair color or going one shade darker.

Extra Credit

When you really want to go above and beyond with your eye makeup look, here are a few additional techniques you can try one at a time to give your makeup a truly unique look. Be warned - you shouldn't use all of these techniques at once unless you're going for a costume look, but used sparingly depending on your look for the day, these can take your look to a new level:

  • Try lining your water line with the new Auric Intensiv Serene White Kajal to make your eyes look bigger.
  • Another one of eyeliner tips is to add dabs of dark liner between lashes in your upper lash line before applying your regular eye liner and mascara to make your lashes look even more full.
  • High light the inner and/or outer corner of your eyes with a shimmery,light shadow for extra dimension. 
  • Use a dark shadow to create a thick,smokey line on your lower eye lids.This technique is very bold and not recommended for the faint of heart,or for any "natural" look!
  • One from the liquid eyeliner tips-Use liquid eye liner to create a next remelydramatic wing,or especially thick eye liner line,if you really want to be a bit avantegarde.

Above All, HAVE FUN

Makeup is about art, experimentation, looking your best and feeling your best. Being empowered to try bold new looks starts with practice, so spend some time playing with colors and textures and see what your new natural is. No matter what eye makeup look you go for, do it because it makes you happy, and don't forget to have a blast!